Posted on Nov 04,2016 in Aftermarket Parts

KW Variant 3 Dampers for Porsche 911 G-Series

The ‘classic’ Porsche 911 G-Series had something of a mixed reputation when new. Granted, it was incredibly powerful, beautifully engineered and looked stunning, but its rear-wheel drive, rear-engined layout ensured that, for the unwary at least, it could be a somewhat daunting car to drive at the limit. Fortunately there are now a myriad ways to get these cars to handle in a more stable and predictable manner, though none are more advanced or as well proven as KW’s latest adjustable Variant 3 damper package, one which works with the OEM torsion bar arrangement found on these cars to provide vastly improved damping adjustment.


At the heart of KW’s V3 damper package is the firm’s patented KW-valve technology, a unique feature that allows for separate adjustment of rebound and compression damping settings while on the car. In practice, this means that the low-speed compression level can be toggled in moments via the attached adjustment wheel, with 12 clearly labelled pre-sets allowing for precise and intuitive control over the Porsche in question’s compression settings, in turn directly influencing the 911’s performance. Quick and simple to utilise, KW valve technology reduces the complexities associated with this traditionally somewhat daunting process, meaning that anyone can fully exploit their 911’s handling prowess.


The control of bump and rebound characteristics offered by the KW V3 damper package will no doubt be appreciated by Porsche owners, especially those that either drive their cars in a spirited manner or on track. It means that 911s can be fine-tuned to suit personal preference or to take into account the unique traits of a specific track, with a truly staggering scope for toggling between the damper’s clearly labeled pre-sets. Chassis flex and body roll are significantly reduced, directly increasing both mid-corner stability and driver confidence, so very much a win-win situation.


One of the V3 damper kit’s biggest draws is that it eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming strut conversion to the mid ’80s 911. Instead KW’s adjustable damper package works with the front and rear torsion bars already in situ, allowing G-series owners to take control of their car’s chassis setup. It also replicates one of this particular generation 911’s key suspension traits, namely its threaded wheel carrying ‘knuckles,’ and all in stunningly finished galvanised mild steel for a long and durable life.


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