Posted on May 29,2016 in Bicycle

Razik Bicycles Vortex

Based in Lindon, Utah, Razik Bicycles manufacture high-end road and mountain bikes, the highlight being the use of Isotruss composite technology, combined with precision layup, proprietary fabrication processes, carbon-fibre, and carbon nanotube technology. While their other model, Epitome, is a mountain bike hardtail, Vortex is at home displayed in a gallery as it would be hammering over mountain roads.


The proprietary carbon-fibre, carbon nanotube integration, and Ultra High Yield compaction techniques are weapons grade, which means the US Government had to clear it for use in the bikes! The intricate lattice tubing is an integral part of the Vortex’s performance, with each tube optimized for its specific task. The unique, interlocked, uni-directional fibre orientation creates hundreds of compounded triangulated structures, which are then layered under high tension using carbon-fibre to pre-load the tubing in every direction. Much like high-tension wires on a bridge, this pre-stressed condition locks each facet against itself.

The tube structure is custom-tuned in each piece for maximum rigidity while still maintaining the ability to damp vibration for all-day comfort. Further maximizing rigidity is an oversized 31.6mm seatpost, which provides a solid platform that allows a rider to leverage their body against for more power and more control when needed.

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