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Gi FlyBike

The Argentinian-born Gi FlyBike is a foldable electric bike that weighs less than 17kg, is mobile phone integrated, ecofriendly and folds in one-second and one-motion for seamless portability. The bike is loaded with features including full-sized 26″ tyres, 3-speed electric assistance propelling riders up hills and travelling 65km on one charge, a GPS tracking system, iOS and Android sync turning any smartphone into a full-view navigation system, a smart-lock anti-theft system that remotely secures the bike and allows sharing with friends, and USB phone charging.


The idea behind Gi FlyBike was born in Argentina after a national strike paralyzed public transportation throughout the country. Three friends – Lucas Toledo, Agustín Agostinoy, and Eric Sevilla – observed the crucial need to not have to depend on public transportation. As a result, they wanted to create a better way for commuters to regain independence. After researching countless other means of transportation, the team realized that the bicycle was still the best way to get around any city, but they felt it hadn’t truly been updated for modern day commuting. Their mission was to challenge and improve every aspect of the traditional bike and its existing problems. So, combining their award-winning talent, the team created this full-size electric smart bike created specifically for daily commuters.


Gi FlyBike is available for pre-order on Kickstarter with a goal of $75,000. The first 300 bikes for “early bird” backers will be priced at $1990, after which the cost will be $2290 for the remainder of the campaign. Orders are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2016.

Material: Gi FlyBike is made from 100% recyclable aircraft grade aluminum alloy and is manufactured with a CNC machine, the same used in airplane manufacturing.

Electric Assistance: Gi FlyBike is an electric bike; each time you pedal you will be assisted by a smart electric engine that makes your commute easy, propelling you up hills and going 65km on one charge of the LifePo battery. Whether travelling uphill or on a difficult terrain you will always remain in motion, with three levels of assistance available allowing a maximum speed of 15 mph. The brushless 250 watts 36-volt hub motor is manufactured by Bafang.

Unique Fly Folding System: Fold Gi FlyBike in just one-second in a single, simple motion. The bike’s lightweight design allows you to swiftly ready the bike both for both storage and use. Additionally, Gi FlyBike, unlike its competitors, has normal, 26x 1.5” wheels (with disc brakes) – comfortable, secure and devoid of any gimmicks.

Smart Phone Charger: The Gi FlyBike’s pedals will not only take you where you need to go, the battery also charges your phone so you can stay connected as you get from
point A to B.

Gi FlyBike Brain: Gi FlyBike is as smart as any phone. Sync it with your smartphone by attaching it to the bike’s control panel. You can ride with a full-view navigation system. The Gi FlyBike App will show you the most efficient bicycle route possible. The app is designed in a way that considers the visibility of the rider so that its route selection does not sacrifice your comfortable upright riding position.

Smart Locking System and Sharing Program: Your Gi FlyBike will lock automatically once you are 15 feet from the folded bike. The Gi FlyBike App detects the distance and does the job for you. You can also share your Gi FlyBike in a safe way. Just use your App to send your friend an exclusive unlocking code. The code ensures that that person, and only that person, can use the bike.

Anti-Puncture Tyres and Non-Grease Belt Drive: Gi FlyBike has solid tires. Soft enough for the ride, hard enough not to give out to sharp obstacles. Gi FlyBike is also grease-free thanks to the carbon belt that doesn’t require a lubricant.

Saddle: A shock absorbing system and silicone gel inserts with thickness around the cutout ensures ultimate comfort.


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  • I am really interested in purchasing one of these bikes. Have been looking at electric bikes for about a year to commute to work. Bit pricey for me at the moment though. I have a road bike at the moment but have onle rode it twice due to the fact that i am a 52 year old woman with back problems and rumertoid arthritis in my hands so struggle on the bike i have because it means leaning forward and using my hands to change gears. I would however be grateful if anyone could send me details of how i can purchase one of these bikes when i have enough money to buy one. One of these bikes will really help me with my job my health and as i do not drive a car. I do not want to keep relying on lifts and im paying taxi fares at the moment to get to work.