Posted on Jul 27,2015 in BMW

Purple Poison » 2WheelsMiklos

BMW’s classic R80/7 has been receiving a lot of attention from custom builders lately, thanks in no small part to the tough 800cc engine and the charismatic style of the twin exposed cylinders. This stunning example by Surrey-based 2WheelsMiklos is inspired by the South American poison dart frog, hence the luscious brown and bright yellow paint scheme.


Miklos is a motorcycle collector, restorer and custom builder who gave up a successful mining career to pursue his passion for motorcycles, and he’s made a name for himself after starting the garage in 2012. With the boxer engine and bar-end indicators of the R80/7reminding him of a frog, Miklos started with completely overhauling the former, followed by thorough cleaning and sandblasting.


The hand-fabricated sub-frame was joined by a custom seat, new rear sets, indicators and a new tail light, alongside a new pair of fork legs, front discs, brake pads, rear shocks, rims, tyres, controls, cables and mirrors. Finally, the wiring was simplified, and pod air filters and a tiny lithium battery was added.

Check out the website here.


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