Posted on Jan 19,2015 in Custom

Ellaspede Dust Hustle

Dust Hustle was Ellaspede’s day on the dirt for anyone to roll out and ride whatever rig they could throw a leg over! Inspired by the famous ‘Dirt Quake’ event made popular by Sideburn Magazine, this is a flat track fun day open to all the weird, wonderful and woefully unsuitable motorcycles that could possibly be ridden on the dirt.

A sold-out field of 85 novice riders entertained over 500 spectators in the best damn display of dirt and dust tomfoolery seen on a legitimate local racetrack. ‘Bring it and ping it’ was the theme for this foot down dust up, with an emphasis on the wacky experience over the racing seriousness. Why try dirt track on the woefully inappropriate? Because no good story ever started with ‘I was riding the correct bike in perfect conditions…’


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