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Nov 04, 2016

KW Variant 3 Dampers for Porsche 911 G-Series

The 'classic' Porsche 911 G-Series had something of a mixed reputation when new. Granted, it was incredibly powerful, beautifully engineered and looked stunning, but its rear-wheel drive, rear-engined layout ensured that, for the unwary at...


Jun 01, 2014

Lifestyle » Maserati Trofeo World Series 2014 apparel

Maserati has released its new sporty apparel line-up following the opening race that took place at the beginning of May at Spa-Francorchamps. Dedicated to the exclusive Trident monobrand trophy, the garments replicate in every detail the...


May 25, 2014

Photo of the Day » Classic Mini

Photo by David Marvier for Petrolicious


Feb 21, 2014

Reboot Buggy

Industrial designer, Joey Ruiter brings his modern day carriage to life by ignoring the parameters of what a car is supposed to be and asking what a car wants for itself. It’s a story about steel and horsepower, but really it’s a...


Feb 20, 2014

This Oakland Racer fits just perfectly

Via Petrolicious - Some people might consider Mr. Brian Bent's lifestyle extreme, an anachronism perhaps. But we have a feeling that he'd be OK with that. You see, when Brian purchased this 1927 Oakland he built the clutch pack...


Feb 03, 2014

ICON Auto Art » Jonathan Ward

The ICON Art project is rooted in the same passion for classic design that drives ICON vehicle projects. Founder Jonathan Ward has amassed thousands of photographs focusing on the specific elements of great designs, taken at private...