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Jan 30, 2016

Nissan X-Trail Bobsleigh

Nissan has challenged convention with the launch of the world's first seven-seater bobsleigh in Innsbruck, Austria. The X-Trail Bobsleigh was inspired by the design of the Nissan X-Trail and undertook its inaugural run at the historic...


Dec 05, 2015

Vagabund BMW R100R

Vagabond Moto from Austria, are specialists in exploring the creative possibilities within the inspiring world of vintage motorcycles. Their main focus is to build unique pieces of art that must be great to ride too, such as this new...


Jan 29, 2014

Classic Automotive Art Β» Klaus Wagger

Trained as an industrial designer, the Austrian artist was working on technical drawings for Volkswagen when he decided to take part in a contest to design the 2000 Mille Miglia poster, which he won eventually. Moving on, Klaus spends his...