Posted on Aug 18,2014 in Custom

Is Goldfinger the world’s most expensive bike?

Is the Lauge Jensen Goldfinger the world’s most expensive motorcycle? It certainly looks the part, and the USD 850,000 price tag seems to drive home the point further. No, there are no crazy performance mods or any radical engineering upgrades, the price is justified – at least by the Denmark-based custom motorcycle builder – simply by the use of fine materials throughout. The entire bike has been plated with 24-karat gold, along with the inclusion of 250 small diamonds amounting to more than 7 carats. The seat is also upholstered with what the company calls a “unique cognac-coloured crocodile skin” and the bike’s components, all 859 of them, are individually gold-plated by hand.

Most Expensive Motorcycle Lauge Jensen Goldfinger 2

Someone (wealthy, we can safely assume) did actually buy the Lauge Jensen Goldfinger, but founder Lauge refuses to disclose the name or even the nationality of the buyer. Anyhow, he quickly adds that the company is already at work on something bigger, something that could easily top a million dollars; and by that we think he simply means more diamonds and gold. Taste, it is something money can’t buy though.


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