Nov 27, 2014

Manuel and Martin at Bikers Café

We just had two awesome riders over at Bikers Café, Manuel Kolloff from Germany, and Martin Moyano from Argentina. Like most of us, Martin had always been dreaming of travelling around the world and exploring new places, in fact for...


Nov 27, 2014

Confederate G1 Chronograph Watch

Confederate Motorcycles only recently showed off their new X132 Hellcat Speedster, but if you're a bit hesitant to shell out big money, then the awesome Confederate G1 Chronograph Watch should do the trick. With its fusion of handcrafted...


Nov 26, 2014

Jay Leno’s Garage » Lightning LS-218

Richard Hatfield takes Jay Leno through the world's fastest production sportbike, the electric Lightning LS-218. Lightning Motorcycles has dominated the all-electric class at Pikes Peak and taken the prize for fastest electric superbike at...


Nov 26, 2014

Dainese 36060 Vintage Capsule Collection

Italian company Dainese announces the launch of 36060, a new menswear capsule collection. The collection name “36060” refers to the zip code of Molvena, a small Italian village where Lino Dainese founded the company in 1972. Dainese is...


Nov 25, 2014

Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ inducted as FIM Legend

MotoGP rider turned team owner Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ is the latest name to be inducted as an FIM Legend. The Spaniard was officially handed the honour during Sunday night’s 2014 FIM Gala ceremony in Jerez, Spain. ‘Aspar’...


Nov 24, 2014

Motorcycle Challenge: Skill Shot

ICON Motosport's French duo, Julien Welsch and Guy Guy, take riding to a whole new level when they face off in an epic battle of skill. Watch as they try to one-up each other with the best and most complicated trick in, Motorcycle...