Dec 22, 2014

ULOCK Smart Lock

Italian company ULOCK are very well-known for their bike locks, and now they have released a keyless smart lock that requires only one tap on your smartphone to lock and unlock, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 LE communication. In proximity mode,...


Dec 22, 2014

Volvo Connected Bike Helmet

In a ground-breaking collaboration, Volvo Cars, protective gravity sports gear manufacturer POC and Ericsson will present an innovative safety technology connecting drivers and cyclists for the first time ever at the International CES in...


Dec 21, 2014

Roy Holtman » Motorcycle Builder

My buddy Roy Holtman has been modifying motorbikes for years. Talking about it a few months ago, I realised his passion would make for a great story. So I decided to make a short film about him that would also allow me to experiment and...


Dec 21, 2014

Indian Scout by Dirty Bird Concepts

Indian Motorcycle and Dirty Bird Concepts revealed a customized 2015 Indian Scout at the International Motorcycle Shows New York City event. Dirty Bird Concepts owner, John Shope, was fired up about the project called “Scout 42” as...


Dec 20, 2014

Koga Spyker Aeroblade

Bespoke Dutch supercar builder, Spyker, might have gone bust, but that doesn't mean their cars are any less stunning or, for that matter, their bicycle either. Built in cooperation with Koga, a renowed manufacturer of top end bikes, the...


Dec 20, 2014

Preservare » Keating Wheel Company

Many years back, when my friend and talented photographer, Nick Keating, told me about his dad Brian and how he works on old vintage motorcycles for a living, I was instantly intrigued and knew I had to see it first hand at some point....