Aug 31, 2014

KTM RC 390 Features and Benefits

Watch the two videos, one showing the spanking new KTM RC 390 in action while the other has Toby Moody explaining the features and benefits of the entry-level sports bike. The British sports commentator is focused on motor racing, and was...


Aug 31, 2014

Classified Moto Camshaft Lamp

The Classified Moto Camshaft Lamp is another spin on vintage parts lighting. This sleek and simple lamp combines a well-used brake rotor with a vintage Japanese camshaft. Those who know bikes will get it right away. Those who don't will...


Aug 30, 2014

LEGO Custom Motorcycles

JANGBRiCKS is a dude who reviews LEGO sets and sometimes builds his own stuff. Watch these videos where he shows off some very cool LEGO custom motorcycles and their characterful riders!


Aug 30, 2014

Custom Laverda SF 750 by Wrenchmonkees

It has been a while since we featured a Wrenchmonkee bike on these pages, and we think this beautiful custom Laverda SF 750 more than compensates for it. MONKEE #59 retains the stock engine and Dell'Orto PHF carbs, with the standard frame...


Aug 28, 2014

Custom BMW Monolever by Flat Racer

Flat Racer is a London-based boutique that makes some wonderful accessories for vintage BMW motorcycles. This beautiful custom you see here started life as a stock 1990 Monolever before being equipped with a delicious-looking fairing, thus...


Aug 28, 2014

Icon 1000 El Bajo Boot

The Icon 1000 El Bajo Boot is a lower cut version of the Icon's 1000 Elsinore Boot, which makes it more suitable for use as a boot you can use both on and off the bike. Similar to the Elsinore, the El Bajo features a top grain leather...