Sep 03, 2014

Midual previews the Type 1 Motorcycle

Priced at a whopping USD 185,400, the quaint French-built Midual Type 1 motorcycle looks set to join the ranks of the world's most expensive bikes. According to the Midual website, the Type 1 draws inspiration from French and British...


Sep 03, 2014

Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

The awesome Johammer J1 electric motorcycle is a futuristic cruiser packing some seriously cool energy tech. Look past the strangely cool design, and you'll find a lot to discover beneath that shiny aluminium fairing. Designed from scratch...


Sep 02, 2014

Lumigrids LED Projector

Lumigrids is an LED projector for bicycles, which aims to improve safety during night riding. It projects square grids onto the ground. By observing changes in the grids, the rider can easily comprehend the landforms ahead. "It can be...


Sep 02, 2014

A Twist of the Wrist Vol. 2 by Keith Code

The original version of Keith Code's 'A Twist of the Wrist: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding' is almost the de facto reference when it comes to rider improvement, and no wonder it has been selling well for ten years...


Sep 02, 2014

Custom Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks

If you haven't heard of Gustavo Penna or Apogee Motorworks, then this custom Ducati 749 ought to help imprint the names on you memory forever. The stock 749 started life as a canyon carver and weekend track bike for a couple of years...


Sep 01, 2014

Custom BMW R100 Tracker HP

This neat custom BMW R100 Tracker HP, built by Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles, was commissioned by a bloke named Dave from England. He had participated in the Scram Africa event last year when, unfortunately, the bike broke down during one of...