Sep 20, 2014

Cielo TV » MotoGP 2014 Opening

Italian television channel, Cielo approached the guys at Nerdo Design to bring their multi-disciplinary studio to bear on an opening title and graphic package for MotoGP 2014. They came up with this very cool cel animation that...


Sep 20, 2014

Custom Kawasaki W650 by Motovida

The Kawasaki W650 is one of those unique motorcycles that let you have your cake and eat it too. By seamlessly blending classic British styling with rock solid Japanese build quality, it is no surprise that the W650 has earned a place...


Sep 18, 2014

Shelfie » Home is where you hang your bike

Shelfie is yet another cool Kickstarter project, and a contemporary design that looks awesome inside your home, bike or no bike. The founder says that bicycles were always part of his life. Growing up in Germany, he raced road,...


Sep 18, 2014

Custom Triumph Bonneville Pegaso

While most people are content with buying a new motorcycle off the shelf, happy in the way it looks and rides, there are a few who go off the beaten path and try to make their bike a bit more unique, something that stands out from the...


Sep 17, 2014

Today is a Good Day » Teaser

"Today is a Good Day" is a web documentary on cafe racer enthusiasts and the associated lifestyle. A rich story, and an interactive road trip where they head from Los Angeles to Biarritz via London. Experiencing the different cultures...


Sep 17, 2014

Laverty to move to MotoGP?

Eugene Laverty could be ready to make the move into Grand Prix racing for the 2015 season, after six years in World Supersport and World Superbike competition. The Irishman has attended recent MotoGP races, supporting his brother Michael...