Sep 17, 2014

Today is a Good Day » Teaser

"Today is a Good Day" is a web documentary on cafe racer enthusiasts and the associated lifestyle. A rich story, and an interactive road trip where they head from Los Angeles to Biarritz via London. Experiencing the different cultures...


Sep 17, 2014

Laverty to move to MotoGP?

Eugene Laverty could be ready to make the move into Grand Prix racing for the 2015 season, after six years in World Supersport and World Superbike competition. The Irishman has attended recent MotoGP races, supporting his brother Michael...


Sep 16, 2014

Custom BMW R nineT by Brat Style

You've already seen Cherry Company's stunning custom BMW R nineT, part of the Custom Builders Project that gives four Japanese builders free rein to do what they want with Munich's newest. This particular custom BMW R nineT, dubbed...


Sep 15, 2014

Get Off the Ground with the Aero-X

How cool is this? Made by California-based Aerofex, the Aero-X is an aerial all-terrain vehicle similar to a hovercraft, but, unlike the latter, does not rely on the surface for stability, translating into a slightly higher flying...


Sep 15, 2014

Solid Gold Mountain Bike

Expensive versions of normal things are, well, usually expensive for a reason. High-end smart phones are typically expensive due to the amount of galactic-spec hardware and innovative technology crammed into their compact shells; supercars...


Sep 14, 2014

Lego Batman Tumbler

After all the hype, anticipation and sweaty-browed waiting, it's finally here. Part of Lego's Ultimate Collector Series, the massive Lego Batman Tumbler is made up of nearly 2,000 pieces, and measures a whopping 15 by 9 inches. In addition...