Nov 29, 2015

Macco Motors » The Sinner

Based in Malaga, Spain, Macco Motors craft some beautiful bikes, this Yamaha XJR1300 being one of their recent creations. Dubbed 'The Sinner', the 2008 model receives a number of cool components and hand-fabricated love. At the front, TRW...


Nov 28, 2015

Ural Dark Force

IMZ-Ural, the Russian maker of heavy sidecar motorcycles, comes out with interesting limited edition models once in a while, like this Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition. Now, with the world in the midst of a Star Wars mania, the American arm...


Nov 27, 2015

Half Caste Creations » Reptilia

You might not have heard of Half Caste Creations yet, but hey, there is a first time for everything. The initial idea was to create an Art Deco/Futurism-inspired motorcycle using a 1996 Yamaha SR 400 engine and frame. One of the driving...


Nov 26, 2015

Bandit9 Panther

It has been a while since we saw anything from Vietnam-based Bandit9, the last being the custom Honda SS50 and Yamaha XVS 400. Daryl Villanueva's newest project is the Bandit9 Panther, based on a 2012 Triumph Bonneville T100. The custom...


Nov 25, 2015

Ken Block @ Bikers Café!

What a day it was! It is not every day that you get someone like Ken Block - professional rally driver and Gymkhana legend - visiting Bikers Café. The Hoonigan had come down to UAE for the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show, where he was...


Nov 23, 2015

Victory Ignition Concept

After racing at Pikes Peak with Project 156, Victory Motorcycles knew that any production bike based on the prototype V-Twin engine would need to be something special. With this in mind, Victory sought to find a custom bike builder who...